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Retirement Planning:


You will find this course relevant if you are developing a retirement
plan, nearing retirement, or recently retired. Regardless of your
stage in the process, you’ll learn updated strategies that will
help you build and preserve wealth in volatile times. Above all,
this course is designed to help you assess your current financial
position, then lay out a personalized roadmap that helps you
achieve your retirement goals


Many of the retirement strategies utilized by your parents have
grown outdated and may no longer have application to those
looking to retire today. This class compares and contrasts the
old retirement paradigms of yesteryear and the new paradigms
of today as you prepare to retire in the 21st century. You’ll learn
about the effects of Social Security taxation as well as the common
distribution pitfalls in retirement.
Perhaps most importantly, this class will teach you how to develop a personalized strategy as you confront the challenges of retiring in a rapidly changing world.


There’s a difference between taking your financial cues from
media outlets and learning the basics of retirement planning from a
trusted, reliable, unbiased source. This course is designed to give
you an exhaustive and comprehensive view of financial education
while uncovering the many new pitfalls that threaten to derail many retirees in the 21st century.

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Saturday, September 21st, 2024

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Saturday, September 28th, 2024

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